Electric Wheelchair Manufacturers in India

Electric Wheelchair Manufacturers in India

Electric or power motorized wheelchairs provide greater comfort than manual models, requiring less physical effort to move them around and featuring various features for enhanced patient well-being.

Increased incidences of physical immobility disorders are driving market expansion here. Furthermore, government support and improved healthcare services should continue to propel India’s market through 2033.


Evox is a pioneering force in wheelchair manufacturing, revolutionizing mobility solutions through innovation, quality, and social responsibility. Their products are tailored to meet the needs of individuals of all ages and abilities for easier living independently; additionally, they aim to minimize their environmental footprint through eco-friendly initiatives while offering outstanding after-sales support to ensure customer satisfaction with their purchases.

Demand for wheelchairs is on the rise as more people living with disabilities find themselves unable to walk alone. Luckily, electric wheelchairs are available to assist patients and get them moving more often, helping improve overall health while decreasing time spent in bed. Electric wheelchairs are especially helpful for people suffering from chronic conditions such as arthritis and pressure sores.

These wheelchairs are powered by an electric motor and battery and can be controlled using a joystick. Ideal for indoor and outdoor use, these lightweight models can also be customized to meet specific user requirements while being easy to transport.

One of the most favored wheelchairs is the Evox WC 102 ME- Electric Wheelchair, which can be used both indoors and outdoors. It offers many features such as back support, flip-up armrests, foldable footrests and longer driving distance. Furthermore, its lithium-ion battery allows for longer-distance driving capabilities, and its seat is height-adjustable while its joystick can be tailored specifically to the user.

The Evox WC 102 ME- electric wheelchair is an economical solution for increasing mobility. Easy to operate and comfortable when in use, unlike more costly power chairs this one can even be bought and maintained easily at home. Plus, rent it first before deciding long-term ownership; that way they can determine if it meets both lifestyle and medical needs.


Indian demand for wheelchairs is on the rise due to an aging population and rising incidents of Arthritis and pressure sores, as well as an accident rate on the rise. Furthermore, hospitals and healthcare settings often use wheelchairs as patient transport devices while disabled people use them independently in their own homes – though limited healthcare facilities and inadequate infrastructure pose hurdles to the market growth of motorized wheelchairs.

The Kosmocare Elite Wheelchair is an exceptionally high-quality electric wheelchair designed to assist disabled individuals. Featuring a hydraulic reclining mechanism for maximum comfort and ease of use, its various sizes can be adjusted to meet user height requirements; folding compactly makes transport easy; operates using hand rim operation; is suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

When purchasing a power wheelchair, it is essential to keep in mind where and how it will be used (indoor or outdoor), how often it must be transported via vehicle, and any unique seating/accessory requirements that might exist. Furthermore, maintenance requirements of each wheelchair differ between brands; some are easier than others to take care of.

Electric wheelchairs offer superior comfort and safety compared to their manual counterparts, making for a smoother ride over uneven surfaces with front-wheel drive technology for solid performance on uneven terrain. Some models even feature low-pressure tires to ensure adhesion on challenging surfaces.

Electric wheelchairs in India come at a variety of prices depending on their features and comfort levels, with the least affordable models costing about 45,000 rupees while more expensive models may reach 95,000 rupees; some models boast additional features, such as reclining backrests or foldable footrests that make life easier for users.

Kosmochem Private Limited was established in 1976 Mumbai in Maharashtra, and since then has grown into one of India’s premier importers, suppliers, and trading companies for wheelchairs. They specialize in offering superior quality Aluminum Frame wheelchairs, plated wheelchairs, and Electronic wheelchairs at reasonable prices to their client base throughout India. Kosmochem boasts a pan-India presence to meet consumer demand across India.


Karma provides high-quality wheelchairs and powerchairs that are tailored specifically to help people living with mobility problems live a comfortable life. Their wheelchairs come equipped with numerous features designed to enhance user comfort; made from light materials with easy folding capabilities for transport; cushion seats and reclining backrests make them comfortable to use; plus they’re available in various colors to meet individual user preferences.

Not only are wheelchairs durable and cost-effective, but they’re also quite affordable – starting from 98,000-1 lakh in India for new electric wheelchairs. However, it is essential to remember that purchasing one may require considerable financial planning; therefore it is wise to research all available options before making any commitments and choose a reputable wheelchair manufacturer as this product’s quality can play a pivotal role in your life.

Karma offers more than just wheelchair manufacturing; in addition to that they host activities for disabled individuals such as concerts exclusively for wheelchair users and the first wheelchair rope climbing activity. Recently they hosted their inaugural wheelchair LOHAS day – providing wheelchair users an environment without obstacles where they can socialize with one another and build their self-esteem.

Karma Mobility Solutions holds hundreds of patents related to mobility convenience and safety, their products being widely used worldwide with their designs being one-of-a-kind. Karma wheelchairs have received widespread acclaim among disabled communities as well as becoming popular among users; moreover, alongside research and development activities, they strive to foster an innovative corporate culture that promotes employee collaboration.

The Karma Ergo Lite Transit Wheelchair weighs only 8.1 kg with detachable footrest hangers, making it ideal for travel. Featuring its S-Ergo patented seating system that prevents users from sliding forward while providing pressure relief, this chair also comes flat-packed and requires minimal assembly effort upon receipt. Furthermore, the fabric features Aegis microbe shield technology to reduce odors and staining over time.


The VERMEIREN GROUP is one of the leading wheelchair manufacturers in India. Their products are of exceptional quality, boasting various features and lightweight designs that make them easy to transport, maintain, and ride comfortably. Their lightweight yet sturdy frames also make VERMEIREN wheelchairs suitable for those with limited mobility or chronic diseases, designed both indoors and outdoors to withstand adverse weather conditions.

A VERMEIREN Wheelchair is specifically tailored to meet the unique needs of each user, offering numerous customization options. Ideal for people recovering from severe injuries, post-surgery, or with physical disabilities; its user-friendly operation makes for a more personalized experience; in addition, its size can easily adjust according to individual users.

VERMEIREN is Belgium’s inaugural wheelchair manufacturer to open an operation in India. Their new plant in Sri City will produce up to 30,000 wheelchairs annually for export to Europe, West Asia, and Far East regions. They initially employ 75 workers with plans for 250-300 employees by 2020 at this facility that also produces rehabilitation equipment such as hospital beds.

Vermeiren wheelchairs can be purchased in various price segments to meet user needs and preferences. An electric wheelchair with lithium-ion batteries costs more than its counterpart with lead-acid batteries; however, electric wheelchairs offer advantages over standard models in terms of being indoor/outdoor use as well as being an excellent way for long-distance travelers.

The Jazz Transit Wheelchair from VERMEIREN GROUP is an extremely portable and functional wheelchair for those with mobility problems. Constructed of durable lightweight materials, its battery can travel 10 kilometers with just one charge and boasts features such as seat cushions, back cushions, and flip-up armrests – plus inflatable tires to provide stability on difficult terrain.

VERMEIREN India Rehab Pvt Ltd was established in 2013 and is a leading exporter, manufacturer, supplier, and trader of Comfort wheelchairs in India. They provide an array of products such as Jazz S50 Wheel Chair and Vissco Zip Lite Power Wheelchair among many more that can be found at Trade India where quality-assured products and services can be bought across India.