Digital Marketing Tools

Digital Marketing Tools

Digital marketing encompasses a broad range of activities, including content creation and search engine optimization. It’s a fast-changing field that requires strategic thinking and strong analytic skills to thrive. Digital marketing tools help you create, automate, and track your efforts across multiple channels so you can scale your business.

A solid digital marketing toolkit includes a suite of apps that streamlines the process. With the right tools in place, you can automate a large chunk of your workflow and save time. This collection of apps will also help you stay organized and productive throughout the workday.

The digital marketing toolkit starts with an essential website analytics platform like Google Analytics. This tool provides insights into who is visiting your site, what pages they’re viewing, and how long they spend on each page. It also allows you to set goals and track conversions to improve your e-commerce setup.

Next up is an infographic creation tool, like Canva, with a specific emphasis on marketers. Creates features design sets and brand kits so teams can collaborate easily and keep visuals consistent. Then there’s Venngage, another graphic creator that makes it easy to create high-converting infographics with spreadsheet imports and hundreds of chart configurations.

Finally, there’s the ad platform, AdWords. This tool allows you to bid on specific keywords so your website appears at the top of Google results for high-intent queries. This is a quick and cost-effective way to funnel new customers to your website, in addition to SEO.